Stylist with a Mission

The stars seem aligned perfectly fine with a full sized closet not necessarily the world’s best designs . The world appeared to be amazing and well-orchestrated when your order reached your doorstep that look so very-shine But you still do not feel fulfilled any of your time. Everything make sense when you drool more and more over online shopping sites This is the tale of, hurting and healing with fashion and surviving and thriving with style I hope it will open your eyes with possibilities that may not appear interesting, but in fact make you feel delight

Hello Readers! Welcome to my first blog. Before moving forward, I like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Sumita and I am a personal and fashion stylist.  The fast-forward image makeover in a movie scene is always my favourite since I was a kid. I love spending hours over “what’s new” in every online shopping site and my friends always come to me for all the do’s and don’t tips in styling. As long as I remember, I never missed subscribing to any fashion magazines or reading fashion blogs. Styling is always my forte and Smizily Smile Studio is a dream. There are 3 main purpose for me behind creating Smizily Style Studio:

  • Spreading awareness in body positivity and body acceptance through styling.
  • Styling solution make it accessible to everyone not only celebritie.
  • Stopping online shopping addiction.

I love everything about fashion and styling, but what upsets me is when I see someone with a shopping addiction or more precisely the online shopping addiction. Hence, I thought to throw some light on this topic in my first post.