What is online shopping addiction?

Well, if you set a shopping budget and stick to it. If you buy an item and use it at least once in 15 days. If you don’t feel guilty or don’t hide your purchase from your partner, then don’t worry, you are not suffering from OSA. When I was doing my image consultant course, I found that this problem of OCA can be easily solved. Instead of engaging in impulsive buying, one can invest in the item that makes them really fulfilled. Creating a Capsule Wardrobe is not rocket science rather just a technique. The stylist like Tan France is constantly promoting this technique.

Furthermore, there are two compliments you may receive, when someone tells you look ‘stylish’ and the other when you are called ‘fashionable’. The difference is style enhances individuality and fashion is embraced by mass. Style refers to a person’s particular way of expressing themselves. So If you yet have not discovered your personal style, your personal stylist is there to help you. Lastly, as I promised to reveal the biggest secret of styling, so here it is, when you look in a mirror after all dressed up and your eyes roll from top to bottom in a flow, it means you know the tricks and are perfectly styled. If your eyes give a stop at any part of your body, it means there is a problem in styling and we will together figure out ways to fix that.

Your Stylist,