Gentleman’s way of minimalism for V’day look

What do you think of going all red and white? Too cliche right?

Minimalistic look is a new trend, it is defined by one major principle – “keep it simple”. Can we go minimalistic with a V’day look?

If you follow the personal styling of the tech giants of silicon valley from Satya Nadala to Mark Zuckerberg, they all are not definitely known for fashionable clothing but for their high-end taste in fashion that is not available to masses. When trying to decode the style of these execs, I figured out they have a very neat, comfortable and minimalistic approach when it comes to the fashion that appeals to the masses yet are stylish and unique.

Moreover, most of us love Valentine’s day and everything about it and we don’t want the classic way of celebrating the day from buying roses to going for the dinner date goes extinct like dinosaurs. So how about mixing minimalism and Valentine’s day together to curate the best V’day look for men..

Hence, my Valentine’s day 2021 outfit for men is inspired by these simple, comfortable and high-end execs styles. I am sure, your lady will fall in love with you again to see your little effort to dress occasionally.

I love the over the shoulder tie-up sweater look on men. It looks so classy. It silently says, I have money, honey!

Burgundy oxford button-down shirt with black chino pants looks so fresh and modern for the hot and cold February weather. Where, the main focus is over the shoulder sweater. Agree or not, bollywood actor Mr. Rishi Kapoor gives us this look as a gift. Sometimes I think, why Zara makes the black pullover in different sizes, it is always worn over the shoulder only.

Here is my curated look for men..