Valentine’s day look for her

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear Mondaines!
What is the plan for the V’Day? Well, whether you are going out on a date or enjoying your singlehood with your gal pals, you deserve to look fabulous on the special occasion of 14 Feb and if you ask me, I love to declare the whole february month a red outfit day

“Personal styling comes within. It’s when the woman, her individuality and spirit come through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels”.
When we talk about individuality in styling for women, the creator of DKNY- Donna Karan’s above quote always comes to my mind. The uniqueness in styling a woman must endorse.

That’s why, I took the opportunity of knowing this high spirited young entrepreneur to paint her on valentine’s day colour. This successful counselor and a prominent voice artist, needed a little stylist’s touch to define her uniqueness in styling.

What to wear on Valentine’s day? Obviously, red, the colour of love and passion is always an undeniable choice but the difficult question is which shade of red will suit her? To find her the best red dress, I experimented with different red hues that suit her skin.With the colour analysis, I discovered she has a warm undertone and more precisely, red with golden hue compliments her skin and hence the oranged tinted shade of red is make her POP.

If you are thinking, what is color analysis? It’s science to understand the undertone of someone to determine what colours suit them and that has to be done correctly to get the essence of an individual.

Once the colour analysis is done, the next part is the choice of fabric. Yes, it is the most important factor in styling that elevates the skin texture. Out of many options, the bonded mesh is not only highly breathable, comfortable, light and stretchable but looks fashionable and very much complementing our model.

Lastly, understanding her personality type- she is a totally no nonsense girl with a vibrant personality and her sense of styling is “something comfortable” yet modern. With a yellow hair band and white sneakers, I gave her a comfortable and chic look.