Know your Stylist

Hello there! I am Sumita, Fashion stylist – qualified from the Fashion Stylist Institute with a certification as an Image consultant, currently living in Hyderabad, India. I have an eye to make other people look and feel great. Instinctively, I made fashion my career. My view on fashion is not limited to making someone just look good but also to bolster confidence, discover boldness, look sophisticated and feel relaxed.

In short “let your style speak for you”!
I have years of experience working for international boutiques like Nordstrom, Zara in the USA and Singapore as a Fashion stylist. I have curated luxurious fashion brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, PRADA, Dior, and fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara. I have been part of numerous client journeys and improved personal and professional style A–listed celebrities to College graduates. I am looking forward to serving your preferences like sustainability, proximity, and tap the potential of local weavers.