Corporate Training

Why do you need professional help for closet makeover?

Organizations need to project a professional image – etiquette, punctuality, keeping buildings and workspaces clean and orderly, dressing professionally all work together in harmony.

We feel our dress code depicts the spirit of organization, creates employee motivation, enhances customer relations, and builds brands.

Executive styling for corporate events – Organization wants employees to look fashionable and professionally dressed.

Fashion brings in a more appropriate and job friendly attire than ever before. We will conduct workshops to help at all levels with any aspect of personal style, wardrobe and keep the confidence growing.

Dress code

Casual dress code in the modern workplace is increasing globally, but it can be tricky or difficult to understand rules of appearance. It is critical to have a concise and easy to understand policy in place.

We are happy to help you revise or draft dress code policy with your HR.

Corporate dress code will not be adopted at the expense of an individual’s own style. Our stylists make sure that without compromising on personal style and coach you to present a polished and professional look. With our training sessions we help you to draft effective brand strategies, identify with preferences and personalities.

Workshops, Seminars, and Individual Training Seminars and workshops are designed to meet your business’ needs.

Topics include but are not limited to:
● Understand what is appropriate, and complying with the Dress Code Policy
● The do’s and don’ts of business casual attire
● Educating new hires on the Dress Code Policy

Stylish team building events and workshops are a lot of fun. They give you a real insight into what styles, colors and looks work for one’s shape and how to dress to maximize presence and impact. There are plenty more reasons to hire a stylist service in an organization, we help you to maximize your corporate image and strengthen your brand.