Men’s Styling

Being specialized in Men’s styling, Smizily Style Studio suggests what kind of clothing makes you feel attractive and confident. We will show you how you can easily save time and money whilst shopping. We will guide you through the shops and we will save you from expensive erroneous decisions. We will keep pushy saleswomen away from you and we will find the right outfit for any occasion.

Does your wardrobe need a complete overhaul?

No problem, we will sort that out for you as well. We will clean up your wardrobe and get rid of all old unappropriated pieces. From the remaining clothes we will create new outfits for you.


● Personal styling

● Style consultation
We will schedule virtual/personal meetings to understand your style, for any occasion and your inner self.

● Two Outfits
We shall draft a budget and choose a boutique to shop together to compose two complete outfits for you.

● Two Hours
In these two hours we will give you useful tips for your makeover.

Half day (4.5 hours)

● Personal styling
● Style consultation
Stylist helps you sort through your closet, draft budget, style outfits, and help you to arrange the closet according to seasons, pick outfits for work or a special occasion post shopping session.

● Our stylists will give you useful tips and tricks for your figure and your color type. You will also receive an individual stylebook that you can use at home.


Full day 8 hours

First, we meet and fine-tune what you already own—figuring out what you love and weeding out the things you never wear. We will help you assess your personal style and what looks good on you.

This includes a one on-one shopping trip where stylists will pick out pieces, help you get them tailored, and match them with things you already own.

● Color consultation
Color consultants use these systems to determine the ideal color pattern that will enhance your physical characteristics. There are many different factors in play that determine which colors suit one’s complexion and body type. They will also assess your complexion, hair color, and eye color, to choose the colors that will complement your appearance and look good on you.