Styling for Business


When most people think of CEOs and other professionals, they picture an old guy in a terrible fitting suit or nerdy t-shirts and dirty hoodies. Entrepreneurs, who I think are not only changing the game in their respected fields, but changing what people think of when it comes to entrepreneurs and style. When you want to look stylish and stand out from your corporate pals, you will need a successful office wardrobe. Well curated wardrobe makes your power statements. You can try and experiment with us with colors rather than go corporate cliché with black, grey, and white. If you are too scared to try, a colorful scarf, a bright accessory or vibrant heels can add a touch of glamour to your look. Our stylists are at disposal, how well you can pull it all together in an attractive and compelling way.


In a fast growing and digital world where first impressions are increasingly the only chance, sharp attire can speak volumes about one’s personality. When it comes to working your way up the corporate ladder, dressing right is an essential plug in your journey to the top. The way you dress strongly influences the way others perceive you in a corporate environment.

If you are planning for a meeting with a client or attending an event, you will need to feel confident and professional when you get dressed in the morning. A personal stylist can provide you with the support, direction and guidance you need to make that perfect first impression to everyone you meet each day in your career and daily life.

Business styling services

Personal meeting to understand career styling needs, review of what is working and not working in your wardrobe to maximize the potential of each outfit. How to make the most of your body shape. Shopping together at a shopping location of your choice, to find enhancing styles.

Corporate image enhancement

Essential soft skills like corporate etiquette training, business communication training, and body language training separates the leaders from the laggards. Our stylists tune your dressing style, body language and inform you of international etiquette and protocols.

Job interview package

Additional to business styling service, package includes business style and color coaching and a professional photo shoot for your perfect job interview and LinkedIn profile portrait.