Wardrobe Detox

Have you ever had a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear?

Are you overwhelmed by the number of clothes in your wardrobe?
Does your wardrobe need a detox?

Wardrobe Detox gives you an opportunity to look at each item, evaluate the impact of energy in the room that translates to an unexpected positivity all around you after the detox session! Remembering and rationalizing your closet allows you to gather your styling sense.

I am sure the makeover will change how you view yourself. We help you decide what should stay and what should go, whilst re discovering items you never knew you had!

Assessing every garment, shoe, and accessory, will leave you with a beautifully organized, de-cluttered wardrobe.

Let our experts transform your wardrobe to make it inspiring, stress free, and seasonal. Our mantra is to help you create your personal portfolio, putting together stylish outfits, giving you a better understanding of the clothes and colors that define you.

Strategy of detox

Wardrobe review.
A wardrobe visit will help us understand your fashion status quo, together we examine everything you own – from mistakenly-bought items to impulse shopping, piles of stained, ripped or misfits.

Segregate them into two piles; “Yes pile” and “No pile”
Clothes that have not been worn for years, are out of style, do not work in their current form go into the “No pile”
Scrutinize the “No pile” in case anything can be salvaged by means of repair or alteration
Repack the “Yes pile”

Organize the garment types by color codes, groups and styles so you can access and style more easily!
During the wardrobe check we will show you how to combine new pieces from your wardrobe with your old and forgotten clothes to create fabulous stylings.
Our stylists will inspire your styling, help you to choose the right accessories and create a conscious reflection of your wardrobe that you carry with you all the time.

Body Type Assessment
We recommend clothing styles and silhouettes that are best suited for your body shape.
Capsule Wardrobe
We take styling to a different level and curate a capsule closet.

We take 6 pieces from your closet and create 12 outfits.

Less really is more!

Selectively we choose your core items with complementing hues and silhouettes so that your capsule can multiply into many different outfit combos.

Creating a Lookbook
We help you along the way by creating stunning look books and put together a few important tips for designing fashion outfit ideas and photographs so that you have the perfect overview.


● Personal styling

● Style consultation
We will schedule virtual/personal meetings to understand your style, for any occasion and your inner self.

● Two Outfits
We shall draft a budget and choose a boutique to shop together to compose two complete outfits for you.

● Two Hours
In these two hours we will give you useful tips for your makeover.

Half day (4.5 hours)

● Personal styling

● Style consultation
Stylist helps you sort through your closet, draft budget, style outfits, and help you to arrange the closet according to seasons, pick outfits for work or a special occasion post shopping session.

● Our stylists will give you useful tips and tricks for your figure and your color type. You will also receive an individual stylebook that you can use at home.

Full day 8 hours

First, we meet and fine-tune what you already own—figuring out what you love and weeding out the things you never wear. We will help you assess your personal style and what looks good on you.

This includes a one on-one shopping trip where stylists will pick out pieces, help you get them tailored, and match them with things you already own.